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DN White

David N White
Johannes Burge Research Group
University of Pennsylvania

Office: 420 Goddard Labs
Email:{davwhite at upenn dot edu}

I am a PhD student in the Neuroscience Graduate Group at the University of Pennsylvania, currently working in Dr. Johannes Burge's lab. My work is mainly focused on optimal observer models of vision derived from natural scenes, with focus on modelling receptive fields responsible for encoding depth variation in 3D environments. This mainly involves working with tools in probability, information, and signal detection theory, psychophysics, machine vision and learning.

I recieved my Bachelor of Applied Science from Brigham Young University where I double majored in Neuroscience and Biophysics, minoring in Chemistry. Here, my research was focused on investigating brain reward systems biophysics and microcircuitry using techniques in electrophysiology. Subsequently, I worked as a software developer for a year before transitioned into graduate research.

My non-technical interests include painting, philosophy, and ambience/drone "music."

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